Auto Detailing Kits Victoria BC

If you want the best of the best when it comes to auto detailing kits in Victoria BC, count on the professional car detailers in Victoria BC to put together a custom kit for your personal application. Here at Auto Detailing Victoria we meet your expectations, and for car cleaning kits that goes for motorcycles, boats, aircraft, RVs, trailers, trucks, vans, SUVs or whatever you need a cleaning kit for. Over the years we’ve learned what works and what doesn’t. We got you covered for the best brushes, auto detailing spray, engine cleaning tools, and everything you need to clean the inside and outside of your automobile and vehicle of any kind on Vancouver Island. Get your auto detailing kits to your custom order! For immediate and friendly service call our auto detailers today. We’re excited to talk about what we love doing best–auto detailing in Victoria and Langford BC.

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Car Detailing Victoria BC Kits & Supplies

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Kits for doing your own car detailing in Victoria BC are great and though we’re not a store that sells them pre-made, we still provide auto detailing kits for VIP clients because we hate to waste the discounts and budget prices we get on car cleaning supplies and when an order comes in we gladly put together the best auto detailing kit for your application, no doubt about it.

Custom Budget Car Detailing Kits

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We love putting together custom auto detailing kits and we deliver auto detailing kits to your location! Anywhere on south Vancouver Island, feel free to take advantage of our discounts and budget, clearance prices and costs in getting yourself a full-blown car washing kit for interior and exterior automotive washing. Custom to your order, we also have waterless car wash kits and more.

Mobile Auto Detailing Trailers & Vans

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Mobile auto detailing trailers are a great thing to have for any automotive company, and we put them together custom to your order for a price that can’t be beaten. Being able to sell mobile auto detailing vans is a direct result of our many discounts in all automotive cleaning supplies across Vancouver Island and we want to put our resources to use. Call for details!